Sunday, November 29, 2015 5 (everything you should know so far…) 5 is the new (and significantly redesigned) open source and cross-platform framework for building .NET web applications which can run on both .NET Framework 4.6 and .NET Core.


Getting Started

Tools and Terminologies

  • DNXShort for .NET Execution Environment. It is a SDK + Runtime environment to run .net applications for Windows, Mac and Linux.
    • DNVM – .NET Version Manager
    • DNX – .NET Execution Environment
    • DNU – .NET Development Utilities

  • OWIN – Open web interface for .NET

  • WebListenerSelf hosted windows-only web server for ASP.NET applications to be hosted outside of IIS.

  • KestrelCross platform web server for 5 based on libuv (the async I/O library used by Node.js)

  • Katana - OWIN implementations for Microsoft servers and frameworks.

  • OmniSharp – Makes cross platform .NET development much easier.
  • Yeoman – Scaffolding tool for modern web apps.

Additional Resources

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Friday, November 06, 2015

Trying out PhoneGap Desktop App on Windows 10 for Windows Phone Apps


PhoneGap Desktop app is basically a visual interface for developing phonegap apps easily. For this post I am using the the latest beta release 0.1.11 from github.

I followed the step-by-step instructions from here but it did not work for me. I had to do some additional steps and use the old PhoneGap CLI to make it work.

Here are the high level steps I performed to make it work on my Windows 10 machine

  • Install PhoneGap Desktop App (download beta release 0.1.11 from here)

  • image

  • Install Mobile App


  • Create New App using Desktop App



  • Run the App


  • Resolve the Issue

    • Disable Virtualbox or VMWare Network Adapters

    • Run CLI   (You can install the CLI from here)

  • App Working


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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Trying out Docker Toolbox on Windows 10

Couple of months back docker team announced the new installer Docker Toolbox which replaced the Boot2Docker installer.

I successfully upgraded my machine to Windows 10 (after second attempt) and thought to try this out and so far I love how easy it is to install and get started.

Docker Toolbox includes the following Docker tools:

  • Docker Machine for running the docker-machine binary
  • Docker Engine for running the docker binary
  • Kitematic, the Docker GUI
  • a shell preconfigured for a Docker command-line environment
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox

(Note: If you already have Virtualbox installed make sure you have the IPv4 settings for the adapter set to obtain the IP address automatically.)


Docker Quickstart Terminal




Kitematic (Alpha)

You will need the docker hub account to signin. It allows to manage all your containers and add new ones from the hub.




Next step will be to add some Node goodness (Dockerizing a Node.js web app) and sprinkle the “Microservices” dust . . . Smile

Enjoy Containerization . . .





Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Resources that helped me start learning Node.js



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