Sunday, October 20, 2013

Avengers Emergency Helpline - Connecting Things to Internet

Avengers Emergency Helpline site. I will explain how I did this in my next post.

Enjoy playing with real things !!!….

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beginning of the Internet of Things…

Just unwrapped my Arduino Kit……


WP_20131016_006    WP_20131016_007



I have been watching this new wave of “Internet of Things” and I have decided to ride on it. This is my first experience with hardware projects. So far I have been breaking software builds but now I will break some real sh*t Smile. Although there is ton of material out there so I am at least safe in the beginning…

For someone who wants to ride this wave like me, here are few links that helped me a lot and hope it would help you too:

Enjoy playing with real things !!!….

SharePoint Apps vs. SharePoint Solutions

Last few weeks I have been working on a project which required some research on whether a developer should create an App or a traditional WSP Solution for the SharePoint 2013. The research will soon be transformed into a web app and I will post that when its ready but meanwhile here are few links which I found very helpful for this topic.