Friday, January 23, 2009

Live Mesh Beta & Live Mesh Tech Preview

I just installed the Live Framework SDK and started playing around with the Live Mesh and came up with some interesting things to share.

The first thing to remember is that "Live Mesh Beta" and "Live Mesh CTP" are two different Mesh Environments.

The Live Mesh CTP : installed from the Live Framework SDK is a developer sandbox environment with limited options and doesn't include the File/Folder Synchronization functionality.  

The Live Mesh Beta : is preview environment with full set of options including the File/Folder Synchronization functionality. 

For developing Mesh Applications we have to use the Live Mesh CTP only.

If you have registered for both these services than probably you would have 2 clients installed on your machine :


Initially while signing in for the Live Framework client I got a message box popup saying :

Unable to sign in to Live Mesh.

Please make sure your user name and password are correct.

Request to MOE failed with return code "0x80070005"

Finally I got this resolved by disabling the antivirus software running in the background and now my laptop is "meshified" and ready to mess around inside the sandbox :-)  


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