Friday, February 06, 2009

Getting started with ‘Microsoft Surface’ development

This week I went on a roller coaster ride of formatting & configuring my laptop for Surface development. I will just brief out the steps that I had to do before installing the Surface SDK 1.0 :

(You would need a monitor that is capable of 1280 × 960 screen resolution or a widescreen monitor that is capable of 1440 × 900 screen resolution to start the Surface Simulator)

Now lets build our first surface application using Visual C# 2008 Express Edition :

  1. Under the Create New Project you should be able to see couple of VS Templates for surface apps:

    new project 
  2. Select the Surface Application (WPF) and you would see the default template as below :

  3. The First interesting control to look at is the ScatterView control.
    (The ScatterView control is the control that you should use when you have one or more UI elements that you want users to be able to move, rotate, or resize freely within a fixed area)

  4. Once you build the application first open the Simulator and than press F5 to run the application and it would automatically get displayed on the simulator . . .

    As you can see I have added multiple fingers on the screen so you can use your mousepad (on laptop) and your external mouse as two fingers and than can stretch or rotate the images . . . .

Enjoy Learning !!!