Wednesday, October 21, 2009 & SharePoint2010 Resources

Since last 2 months Me and my team went through an exciting journey of migrating the existing site (which we created a while back) to the upcoming version of SharePoint, i.e SharePoint 2010.


When we started the project, the product was hardly in its beta stages. So we had a bit of struggle initially to understand some of the advancements but overall with the excellent support from out college Todd and the MS team we not only understood the product well but also successfully launched the site just before the SharePoint Conference 2009.

There are various materials out now to know more about SharePoint 2010.

Andrew Connell has posted some great articles on his blog explaining some of the new advancements done in the product :

There are bunch of resources including the SharePoint 2010 (Beta) Developer center and other links on the Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog as well as,
Paul Andrew has posted some really good links of a white paper by David Chappell, SharePoint 2010 Developer Platform Post and many other resource links here

We are about to start the Phase II of the project and would be adding cool new features on the 2010 site showcasing some of the new advancements of the product, so stay tuned . . . . . 

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