Friday, September 30, 2011

WebSockets + Long Polling + SignalR === Awesome;

Steps for creating a chat client using 4.5 :

1) Install Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview (download)
2) Install NuGet Package Manager (download)
3) File -> New -> Project
4) Right Click on References -> Manage NuGet Packages
1) Search “SignalR” and install the package
2) Add 2 files “Default.aspx” and “Chat.cs” and change the code as below:
(*Note : I am referring to my C# type and methods in Javascript )
3) Done.
You may think this is trivial but believe me, it isn’t ..

This is the most exciting piece of technology that I have seen so far from BUILD (offcourse after Windows Native Apps in HTML5 & Javascript) so I would encourage everyone to start playing with VS 2011.
And if you haven’t seen yet what happened in BUILD than I would strongly recommend you see it here.

Web development is taking a whole new perspective with HTML 5 and Javascript . . . .

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post on SignalR for beginners. here is one more post on signalr with a sample, have a look at it

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