Thursday, July 24, 2014

Free Online Computer Science courses

Recently I came across this excellent post on aGupieWare’s blog listing down all the free online computer science course materials.
Here is the complete list copied AS-IS from the post:

Introductory Courses

Intro to Computer Science:

Mathematics: Programming: Theory of Computation: Data Structures and Algorithms:

Core Courses

Theory: Algorithms and Data Structures: Mathematics: Operating Systems: Computer Programming: Software Engineering: Computer Architecture: Data Management: Networking and Data Communications: Cryptography and Security: Artificial Intelligence:

Intermediate and Advanced Courses

Algorithms and Data Structures: Systems: Programming: Software Engineering: Mobile App Development: Web Development: Databases and Data Management: Security: Cryptography: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Natural Language Processing: Digital Media: Networking and Communications: Statistics and Probability:

I went through the Harvard CS course before few years and it was lot of fun.

Enjoy Learning…

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