Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Build 2015–Day 1 Keynote (takeaways)



  • Docker for Windows (docker client for windows)
    • Mix and Match linux and windows containers and run it on any server.
    • Debugging apps within containers in linux on windows server using Visual Studio.
    • .Net Core RC (for linux, windows and mac)
  • App Service
  • Visual Studio (download)
    • A free code editor for MAC, Linux and Windows
  • SQL DB Elastic Pool
    • For managing lots of databases in SaaS type scenarios
  • SQL Data Warehouse
    • Directly competes with AWS Redshift and its better.
  • Data Lake
    • Store and process infinite data.


  • Office Apps
  • New Unified Graph API to access all the data from 1 place
  • ‘Delve’ App
  • ‘Sway’ App


  • Windows 10 Universal apps
  • Windows Store Apps now support  (this is freaking awesome !!!!!)
    • Web Sites/Web Apps
    • .Net and Win32 Apps (using app virtualization)
    • Android Java/ C++ Apps
    • Object C Apps
  • Compile Object C code using Visual Studio on Windows
  • Hololens
  • Microsoft Edge  (final name for ‘'Project Spartan’ the new Browser on Windows 10)

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