Friday, May 26, 2006

Knowledge Management Vs Skill Management

Point 1:
KM Involves capturing the knowledge of employees and sharing it so that it is available for others to use.
SM merely focuses on application of Knowledge to find Solution
In brief, KM is learning and SM is applying what has been learnt. Such application of skill may result in improvement over earlier learning and thus knowledge but not necessarily improvement of skill. Thus Knowlede is dynamic.
Point 2
KM is a Learning Technique
SM is a Problem Solving Technique
Point 3
KM starts from individual and ends in sharing.
SM starts with sharing and ends up in individuals ability
Point 4
Knowledge Management uses experience gained out of failures and also success.
Skill is strongly measured based on only success of solving problems.
Point 5
Knowledge is an intellectual property.
Skill is one of the means of producing intellectual property.
Point 6
Knowledge is relative.
Skill is individualistic.
Point 7
Knowledge is implicit.
Skill is explicit.
Point 8
KM is a measure of the VALUE of the Organization.
SM is the measure of the ABILITY of the Organization.

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