Sunday, November 29, 2015 5 (everything you should know so far…) 5 is the new (and significantly redesigned) open source and cross-platform framework for building .NET web applications which can run on both .NET Framework 4.6 and .NET Core.


Getting Started

Tools and Terminologies

  • DNXShort for .NET Execution Environment. It is a SDK + Runtime environment to run .net applications for Windows, Mac and Linux.
    • DNVM – .NET Version Manager
    • DNX – .NET Execution Environment
    • DNU – .NET Development Utilities

  • OWIN – Open web interface for .NET

  • WebListenerSelf hosted windows-only web server for ASP.NET applications to be hosted outside of IIS.

  • KestrelCross platform web server for 5 based on libuv (the async I/O library used by Node.js)

  • Katana - OWIN implementations for Microsoft servers and frameworks.

  • OmniSharp – Makes cross platform .NET development much easier.
  • Yeoman – Scaffolding tool for modern web apps.

Additional Resources

Enjoy modern web development….





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